Technology Webinars

The Tech Ambassadors initiative at The Arc Westchester is designed to expand our staff’s knowledge of everyday tech and the ways it can be used to support the people we serve each day – in day services, in the community, at work and in their homes.

To register for the series, please contact Jordan Jankus, Coordinator of Person-Centered & Cognitive Supports at

Tech Ambassadors Webinar – 1/8/20 – Bridge Communication

Join Danielle Poletti, M.S., CCC-SLP of Bridge Communication as she explains the many features of this affordable and customizable communication app. She created and developed this app to bridge the gap between students, parents, teachers, and therapists who may be facing communication barriers—helping them successfully learn and grow together. From the APP Store description: “An AAC app and multipurpose app for communication, language, and speech development that is affordable AND adaptable! BRIDGE Communication makes learning fun with a fast learning curve. It’s easy to program, engaging to all, and kids and adults will not abandon this app.”

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Tech Ambassadors Webinar – 10/3/19 – All Together Now: iPads for Groups

While the iPad is seen as a personal device, it can be a powerful tool for group presentations to individuals in a day services setting. We provide examples that will engage and stimulate your audience.

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Tech Ambassadors Webinar – 9/26/19 – “Table It” app

We take a look at a FREE, but powerful app based on the concept of spreadsheets. A simple way for a person to collect their information and share it with others. Each block of cells can contain text, pictures and sound. Originally designed to help students organize their work, it has many more lifetime applications. Another great app from the folks at “Do IT” family of special needs apps.

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Tech Ambassadors – 8/29/19 – Apple Clips

We highlight the feature of Apple Clips, a powerful free app that comes with Apple devices.  It’s a easy-to-use, but powerful, video-editing tool that allows you to produce fun and engaging video stories.

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Tech Ambassadors: 5/14/19 – Lingraphica Small Talk Daily Activities FREE App

This webinar focuses on the FREE app, SmallTalk Daily Activities, from Lingraphica and, that provides an easy way to see if a person who does not have spoken words but has receptive language, can express themselves with a picture library of spoken words and phrases. A simple way to see if an AAC device could help a person function with more independence.

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DATE: 4/30/19 
TITLE: Daylio

This webinar shows takes a quick look at Daylio, an interesting app that helps people keep track of their activities and moods.

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Tech Ambassadors: 4/23/19 – The Soaps

This webinar shows how we can promote imagination, literacy and lifelong learning through the magic of soap operas!

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Art by: John Israel
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