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We provide a wide variety of leisure and learning activities designed to help individuals build social skills and lasting friendships, enjoy new experiences, and smoothly transition from school to work.

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Transition Prep

A new week-long summer experience designed to prepare students for their transition out of high school.

→ Transition Prep 2020 Information & Schedule

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Recreation activities include:

  • Theater Art Programs – Classes offer instruction in dancing, singing, speaking and acting.
  • Daycations – Day trips exploring local and regional destinations
  • Staycations – Fun activities at our Hawthorne location
  • Weeklong and weekend Outdoor Adventures – Camp programs at Sharpe Reservation and Camp Ramapo
  • Manhattanville Summer Enrichment Program– Weeklong day and overnight college campus experiences
  • Dances, banquets and other one-time events
  • Our programs are conveniently located throughout Westchester County

Transition Prep classes include:

  • Identifying Present Skills & Find Opportunities to Enhance Levels of Independence
  • Exploring Interests & Post High School Options
  • Establishing Long-Term Aspirations & Setting Short-Term Goals to Support Their Individualized Transition Plan

For further information,  visit our contact page.

Respite House

Our Respite House offers parents an opportunity to take some time off from caring for their family member with a disability. Families who use respite services can run errands, spend time with their other children, take trips out of town, or simply take a much-needed break. The Respite House provides planned day and overnight visits for adolescents and adults. The cozy home, located in a quiet neighborhood in Thornwood, has accommodations for up to six individuals. A respite visit can range from one night to a full week, with longer stays possible if necessary and available.

The Arc Westchester’s Respite House is open 7 days a week, year-round. The experienced staff are trained in first aid, CPR, behavior management, medication administration, use of adaptive equipment, and fire safety, among other topics. Recreational activities are planned according to the interests and abilities of our guests, who also have opportunities to learn new independent living skills. Families often use our respite care services as a way of helping both the individual and the caregiver prepare for future residential opportunities.

Services for The Arc Westchester’s Respite House are funded by Medicaid.

Eligibility Criteria
Individuals must be eligible for OPWDD services (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities) and be authorized by the Developmental Disabilities Regional Office (DDRO) for Respite Services.

Individuals may or may not necessarily have OPWDD Waiver approval and therefore, Medicaid is not required.    An intake application and interview along with various supporting documents are required before respite services can be scheduled.

For further information,  visit our contact page.

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