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Building Innovation: Renovation At Our Ann Manzi Center

The Arc Westchester has a significant physical footprint across Westchester County, encompassing 67 locations. These include residential homes, school classrooms for children, and Day Habilitation sites for young adults and seniors. While this extensive reach allows us to meet individuals where they are, we continually strive to ensure that our facilities are not only well-maintained but also enriching environments that improve the lives of those we serve. Our success in this area is only possible through the generosity of the community, as these types of projects receive little or no government funding.


One of the shining examples of how collaboration and generosity can create meaningful results is our Ann Manzi Center, located in Mount Kisco.

The Ann Manzi Center is a multi-generational day services site on four beautiful acres of lush green space. Named after former chapter volunteer, board member, and powerful parent advocate Ann R. Manzi, the site is a true reflection of The Arc Westchester’s values and promise to support people with developmental disabilities throughout their lifetime.

In 2018, The Arc Westchester completed Phase I of its comprehensive renovation of the Center, which included major improvements to the interior and the introduction of our revamped Senior Connection. The Senior Connection was designed with a holistic approach to the health and well-being of the aging population of people we support, centered on dignity in a supportive environment. At the start of 2024, we began Phase II of our Ann Manzi Center renovation, an even more ambitious project that will establish the Ann Manzi Center as a model for Day Service facilities in our field.  This phase will include major improvements to the 4 acres of grounds to improve accessibility, safety, and the construction of a beautiful nature walking trail.

Program participants, especially those who are aging and those with mobility issues, will enjoy increased and varied outdoor programing that will help keep their mind and body healthy! These enhancements will allow us to support up to 100 individuals at the site per day, doubling its current capacity.

In June 2024, The Arc Westchester hosted a Construction Kick-Off event at The Ann Manzi Center, celebrating the progress achieved so far. This event was not only a milestone in our journey but also coincided with the 75th Anniversary of The Arc Westchester, marking decades of transformational support for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Center serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Attendees included individuals we support, their families, dedicated staff, and members of the Mount Kisco community. Joe Manzi, son of Ann Manzi and brother of Karen Manzi who frequents the center, reflected on the occasion, emphasizing the organization’s remarkable growth over the years: “I’ve seen this organization grow since I’ve been six, seven years old…It’s a tremendous evolution since the early days of this organization when my mother was very involved.”

Projects of this magnitude are made possible through the generosity of benefactors like Ann Manzi, whose vision and support have been instrumental in realizing our goals, as well as the other benefactors of The Arc Westchester Foundation.  To realize this vision, the Foundation continues to seek support from people in the community – like you – to fully fund this important initiative.

Building Innovation Through Technology

Throughout our 75 years, The Arc Westchester has made strong strides in ensuring that our staff and those we support are up to date with the latest technology. From specialized equipment that enhances accessibility to advanced communication tools that foster independence, our cutting-edge tech plays a crucial role in transforming lives every day. By supporting the technological infrastructure of The Arc Westchester, you directly contribute to maintaining and enhancing these essential resources.

Your generosity ensures that our programs and services remain at the forefront of innovation, enabling our staff to deliver the highest level of care and support to the people we serve. Together, we can continue to build a future where technology creates opportunities and breaks down barriers, allowing our staff to empower our community members to thrive and achieve their full potential.

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