The Wellness Center

Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy

Speech and Language, Physical, and Occupational Therapy services provide assessment and intervention strategies for dealing with physical disabilities, focusing on increasing independence.

Speech Therapy Services

  • Screening for difficulty with speech and/or language (e.g., gag reflex, voice quality, breath support, articulation, receptive and expressive language, advanced communication)
  • Assessing needs and providing instruction for assistive technology
  • Providing therapy to improve articulation, language and communication
  • Treating to improve swallow and safe eating techniques

Physical Therapy Services

  • Assessing for strength, range of motion/flexibility, posture
  • Evaluating ability for bed mobility, transfers, balance, ambulation on level surfaces and negotiation of stairs
  • Evaluating function when using a wheelchair or assistive device
  • Therapy to improve strength, range of motion/flexibility, posture and quality of movement
  • Therapy to improve transfer, balance, ambulation with or without a walker or other assistive device
  • Providing recommendations for changes in home, environment, and for medical or adaptive equipment

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Assessing Activities of Daily Living (e.g., bathing, grooming, dressing, meal prep, self-feeding, simple cleaning, community skills)
  • Screening for gross motor and fine motor skills (e.g., bed mobility, transfers and balance, coordination and strength, handwriting, grasp/release, transferring objects)
  • Assessing visual motor and visual perceptual skills (e.g., attention to visual space, response to visual stimuli, eye contact)
  • Assessing cognitive skills (e.g. attention, orientation, following commands, problem solving, money management, object recognition)
  • Therapy to improve strength, range of median flexibility for upper extremities and trunk controls.
  • Therapy to improve Activities of Daily Living, functional and fine motor skills
  • Therapy to improve visual and cognitive skills
  • Recommending adaptive equipment to improve activities of daily living

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Art by: Anne Brennan
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