Learning Resources

Jul 15 2021

Learning Resources

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have collected innovative resources for virtual services as many of our physical operations were closed. Now with the gradual reopening of our sites, with an emphasis on the health and safety of all participants; we have come to see that virtual services can, and will, play a valuable role in our operations. Lifelong learning opportunities, offered conveniently online, covering a variety of interests and subject matter, will remain an important part of our services.

This list of resources will continue to grow and we welcome any of your suggestions! Thanks so much to all the great families and staff at The Arc Westchester and other organizations who have contributed so many of these ideas. Please share your thoughts for more resources with us via the contact page!


Learning About Yourself

“I Am” Activity and More!

The ADA Turns 30!

NEW A Guide to Art Journaling

Game Show!

We encourage you to watch these videos with a group and pause them at the point where the question is asked, so then everyone in the group will have a chance to give their own answers and discuss the issue brought up by the question.  It’s a lot of fun to make this an interactive, rather than passive, experience:

If you have any suggestions of things we could add or questions regarding our services, please visit our Contact page.

Latest COVID-19 announcements 

Helpful Tips and Materials during the COVID-19 epidemic

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

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