Rafael’s “Solar Unity” Selected for Conference Cover

Feb 24 2020

Rafael’s “Solar Unity” Selected for Conference Cover

In his program, Rafael volunteers at the United Hebrew Home in New Rochelle where he helps lead the senior recreation program, working with the residents on a variety of art projects to benefit the local community. He also volunteers at local food pantries, assisting with delivering items and organizing the pantry to make it more functional for patrons. Rafael’s favorite activity is working at the SPCA animal shelter where he develops enrichment toys and reads to the dogs as part of their therapeutic treatment to increase their chances of being adopted. Rafael values all of the social roles he is involved in within the community and always looks for ways to do more to help.

He has several hobbies and interests outside of day program as well. He loves his family, especially his mom who he has a close relationship with and is his biggest advocate. He has a love for trains, Power Rangers and Mega Swords. He is a gym enthusiast and enjoys working out on the treadmill and lifting weights. One of Rafael’s greatest skills is his ability to grill dinners for his family; he loves to cook meat such as teaks and hamburgers for them to enjoy. In the future, he hopes to obtain a job in food service.

Rafael is very creative and is able to explore his love for art while in day program. He attends art classes once per week where the instructor exposes him and his fellow artists to different materials to create their pieces. Rafael is very detail oriented and takes his work seriously using color and projecting what the final piece will turn out to be. He is honored that his piece was selected and looks forward to creating future pieces of art for others to enjoy.

Rafael Reis is 22 years old and has attended the Choices Without Walls Day Program at The Arc Westchester since he graduated from high school.

His beautiful piece of art “Solar Unity” was selected to be the featured cover of the Annual New York Alliance Annual Conference.

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