New Bee-Line ParaTransit App announced!

Aug 8 2022

New Bee-Line ParaTransit App announced!

For those who use Bee-Line ParaTransit to book trips, The Arc Westchester is excited to share with that a new “Rider Smart” phone application has been announced by Westchester County‘s Director of the Office for People with Disabilities. The app will be available to riders as soon as next week, and found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. A recent letter to ParaTransit Riders discusses the benefits and functionality of the new phone app. Additionally, it notes that individuals could continue to utilize Westchester County ParaTransit as they’ve done in the past.

“The app, called Bee-Line ParaTransit, will allow riders to access ParaTransit service online, or through a mobile app on your smart phone. This exciting transition will come with technology enhancements that allow you to book a ParaTransit trip in advance, receive real-time text message updates about your ride, and plan a trip for the future. Please note – if you wish to continue to utilize Westchester County ParaTransit as you have in the past, you may continue to do so.” – Evan Latainer, Director of the Office for People with Disabilities.

Important Highlights regarding changes to Bee-Line ParaTransit as of Tuesday,  August 16th 2022

  • The new Rider Smart Phone App will allow riders to:
    • Book ParaTransit trips following the current policies and guidelines.
    • Receive a text message or automated phone call 10 minutes prior to the arrival of their vehicle.
    • Receive real-time notification to view vehicle’s location on a live map.
    • Allow the rider to manage their trip on the day of service, and book future trips.
  • At this time, riders are notified the night before with their scheduled pickup time. Riders will continue to receive an automated phone call the night before their trip. However, Pickup times will be changing to a 30-minute window reservation system.
    • When booking a trip with an arrival or appointment time, the software will provide a 30-minute window for the vehicle to arrive at the designated pickup location.
    •  The rider will receive a text message or automated call ten minutes prior to the vehicle arriving for pickup.
    •  ParaTransit drivers will only wait for five minutes after they arrive at the pickup location.
    • Please note you may be dropped off up to 30 minutes or less before your requested appointment time.
    • Riders will be able to use vehicle tracking and receive real-time updates through the Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App the day of the trip.
  • When booking trips with a pickup time, ParaTransit will now provide a 30-minute window. The rider will not be picked up prior to the requested time. A rider will receive a text message or automated call ten minutes prior to the vehicle arriving for pickup.
  • Riders will not be able to request both a pickup time and an arrival time for the same trip. 

If you have any questions regarding the new Mobile App and/or new reservation system, you can contact The Office for People with Disabilities:

Evan Latainer
(914) 995-2958

Tim Fields
(914) 995-2874

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