Valentine’s Day Spreads Love

Feb 14 2022

Valentine’s Day Spreads Love

The Arc Westchester’s Choices group found a new way to get creative together when Choices DSP, Daysha Seda, came up with a new activity that she enjoys doing at home with her own family. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Seda helped the group create “Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines” posters. The pieces resemble traditional tic-tac-toe boards, with hearts replacing O’s – and of course, the hearts win!

To start, they selected an image online as an example for the group to use and even found a helpful step-by-step video. They then set up paint, prepped their canvas and began to copy the image all while enjoying a big glass of Apple Cider!  As you can see the results are beautiful and everyone had a great time getting creative with their own interpretation of what they saw on screen.

This has been such a fun project that all the Choices groups have decided to make this an ongoing activity. Once the weather gets warmer, they plan to take day trips out into the community, and stop by local parks and waterfronts to replicate some of the beautiful landscapes in the area. Everyone said they LOVED the activity! The Arc Westchester always encourages the  use of unique and innovative ways to explore each person’s creative side; especially when it comes to celebrating  special holidays and events like Valentines Day!

Love was also in the air at our Yonker’s Center. One of the senior groups decided to hold a POP UP Valentine Shop.  They wanted this project to be a mini fundraiser for their group activities. They sold all homemade items, including candy apples, chocolate-covered strawberries, specialty drinks named after staff members, and much more.  Staff and day participants purchased the treats and loved how nicely items were decorated. This was an opportunity to learn how to use a cash register, provide change and wrap items to look festive.

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