Model Employee for 14 Years

Tommy’s 14 Years of Successful Employment at Starbucks

Since 2005, Tommy has brought his dedication, positive attitude, reliability and strong work ethic to the Starbucks in Mount Kisco. He is the embodiment of a model employee, always willing to tackle another task or pick up an extra shift. In fact, you can even find Tommy popping by the coffee shop on his day off with his uniform in tow, just in case they need him to work some extra hours. Tommy loves his job, team and the opportunity to work in his community.

Tommy is more than just a Starbucks employee – he is a member of the Starbucks team. He maintains excellent relationships with his coworkers and is known for his ability to make everyone laugh and lighten a mood. Tommy is well-known by the shop’s regulars and admired for his dedication, working through injuries, during harsh weather conditions, and on weekends and holidays when there are social events he could otherwise participate in.

Tommy was recognized with The Arc Westchester’s Anthony Cannata Memorial Employee Award for his outstanding work and dedication. We are proud to have supported Tommy in finding this employment opportunity and connecting him with the resources he needed to be successful on the job.

The Arc Westchester is proud to collaborate with more than 250 employment partners to provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with I/DD. To learn more about our Westchester employment program for individuals with disabilities, click here.

Art by: Muriel Hendrix
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