Autism in The Workforce

When Geoff graduated from Project Search Autism Enhancements, he began working at the Yonkers District Attorney’s Office in May. He stood out among other applicants because of his willingness to learn and his undeniable enthusiasm for the job opportunity.

Geoff is responsible for contributing to the day-to-day operations of the office by serving as a liaison among the seven lawyers and four courtrooms to deliver and file court documents. With over 8,000 court cases circulating through the Yonkers DA’s office each year, the importance of timely filing is crucial. In this fast paced environment, but Geoff remains focused on his work and the tasks that he is given each day. Since hiring Geoff, the office has found an employee who has a positive attitude and always works hard. He takes direction well and is willing to do what is asked of him.

The court officers, police officers and judges within the Yonkers office have gotten to know Geoff and have welcomed him as part of the team. Everyone looks out for Geoff and knows his name. If he ever did lose his way, someone would always make sure he was led in the right direction.

It is an important message to potential employers that are considering hiring an individual with autism. One should not be afraid of the diagnosis, but many people don’t know what it means. Everyone is different and as long as the individual can handle your work environment then you’re going to get an employee who is grateful for the opportunity and who is going to be productive. That’s is what is asked of all employees, whether they have autism or not.

Art by: Muriel Hendrix
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