A Teamwork Approach Fosters Positive Results

The first interview, the first day on the job, the first year of employment – all exciting milestones for most, but for those with a developmental disability, these days require a little extra preparation. Luckily, The Arc Westchester is there to help with its seasoned team of job coaches. The coaches work closely with each employee and employer to ensure that everything goes smoothly from day one through the entire duration of employment.

Each employee placed through The Arc Westchester is assigned a job coach who works closely with the employer to ensure that there are no concerns regarding the employee’s overall performance at work. The coach also regularly meets with the individual to ensure that their expectations are being met, that they are happy with their job and that they are safe at work.

At first, it is all new when you start a new job. That is the same for a person with a developmental disability. It can take a little time to them the job and show everything that will be expected. Eventually, the job coach can start easing back and watch them and watch how they work. And, where they need help, I help them and guide them.

New employees truly benefit from this assistance. Daniel, an employee at Regeneron for over 6 years, explained it best. “It takes a whole teamwork of people to do it,” he explained. “We’re just being a good team, right?” he asked, turning to his job coach.

The Arc Westchester helps ensure employers that their new employee will demonstrate the same level of professionalism as the rest of their colleagues. Their job coach will help coordinate safe and reliable transportation so that the individual can get to and from work on time. And when not at work, job coaches help individuals improve on essential job skills, such as time and task management, identifying resources and enlisting help, being an attentive listener and following directions.

Individuals with developmental disabilities want what we all want: to feel like they have a role in their community and that they are appreciated. Our job coaches help ensure that the each individual secures and maintains a job that suites their interests and abilities, and makes him or her feel important. And, employers benefit from an exceptional employee who brings a new perspective and quality of work to the office.

Art by: Muriel Hendrix
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