Staying Engaged AT HOME

Apr 21 2020

Staying Engaged AT HOME

While the individuals in our Choices Program are used to being out in the community with their friends, our dedicated staff has found creative ways to engage them remotely.

Since the quarantine began, these individuals have had the opportunity to participate in their first virtual talent show and a second Spirit Week is already on the calendar. They have also participated in scavenger hunts led by our staff, searching around their homes for everything from magazines to something orange, and sharing it with their peers over Zoom.

Some of the virtual activities have become so popular, that more groups are now joining in on the fun. These activities include a virtual book club, games of Name that Tune and hilarious rounds of Mad Libs. One group even had a Recipe Day where everyone shared a recipe that was in their house!

Our team is constantly coming up with new ideas to stay connected with our Choices participants. To stay in touch with staff, 15 individuals opted to enroll in a Pen Pal Program where they send and receive hand-written notes in the mail.

As we add new activities to the roster, we are reminded that we couldn’t do this without our dedicated staff. In order to make these virtual activities happen, they worked one-on-one with each family to setup Zoom and make sure they were comfortable with the technology.

Stay tuned for more virtual fun from our friends in the Choices Program!

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