Staff Recognition 2022

Dec 16 2022

Staff Recognition 2022

The month of December is the time of year our Board of Directors and Administration proudly recognize staff for their years of dedicated service at our Annual Staff Recognition Night.  We were so happy to celebrate our staff in person this year at the CV Rich Mansion in White Plains on December 15th.

Our Board of Directors, our Administration, and all of the grateful families and people with developmental disabilities that are supported on a daily basis – send their thanks for the dedicated employees years of service and congratulate those who are retiring.  We are so proud to celebrate the impressive list of dedicated employees from 5 to 45 years working at The Arc Westchester. See below the list of our amazing staff who are being recognized this year and view some highlights of a wonderful evening.

Full List of our Recognized Staff:


Debra Cohen, Social Worker
Lisa Dardzinski, Registered Nurse
Sybil P. Dennis, Assistant Residence Manager
Maxine M. Harris-Mirabal, Preschool Office Manager
Joan Lewis, Respite Counselor
Eileen Hughes, Director of Nursing
Jean Saint Fleur, Senior Direct Support Professional
Kelly Wall, Director of Staff Developmentes

45 Years

Diane Hazelton, Administrative Assistant-Residential

40 Years

Angela M. Hunt, Residence Manager

35 Years

Mavis T. Dehaney, Assistant Residence Manager
Kerriann Connors, Training Manager
Julia M Gordon, Habilitation Instructor – Primary Driver

30 Years

Cheryl Corbett, Controller
Maria “Dora” Pallagrosi, Administrative Assistant-Residential

Francesca-Ana Angel, Teacher Assistant
Paul Bailey, Shift Supervisor
Jacqueline Charlton, Direct Support Professional
Angela Mieze, Community Habilitation Specialist Primary Driver

25 Years

Rosella Cresten, Assistant Residence Manager
Sonia Gordon, Direct Support Professional
Kevin Hendrickson, Community Planner
Julia Lechocinski, Senior Payroll Coordinator
Manuel Sasaguay, Senior Direct Support Professional

20 Years

Francesca-Ana Angel, Teacher Assistant
Paul Bailey, Shift Supervisor
Jacqueline Charlton, Direct Support Professional
Angela Mieze, Community Habilitation Specialist Primary Driver

15 Years

Giorgianna Abbondola, Special Education Teacher
Donna A. Brown, Direct Support Professional
Reta Burrowes, Community Specialist
Beatriz Giraldo, Administrative Assistant to Medical Director
Althea Graham, DSP Shift Supervisor for Medically Enhanced Services
Syed Naqvi, Residence Manager
Fran Nocerito, Teacher Assistant
Patrick Akparabe Olom, Assistant Residence Manager
Nahtesha Thomas, Shift Supervisor
Ethelinda Tadena, Applied Behavior Specialist
Diana Upshur-Barrett, Direct Support Professional
Valarie Willis, Direct Support Professional

10 Years

Javan Abonyoh, Direct Support Professional
Evelyn Ahulu, Community Habilitation Support Specialist
Jamie Clark, Treatment Coordinator/Sub Driver
Julie Cook, Program Coordinator of Quality Outcomes
Alethia L Craddock, Direct Support Professional
Carmen Espin-Cruz, Direct Support Professional
Evelyn Focht, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Marcia Henry, Community Choices Instructor
Louise Lubin, Classroom Aide
Matthew Micka, HRIS, Compliance And Onboarding Manager
Velita Miller, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Angella Reid Cranston, Direct Support Professional
Angela Reid-Webb, Registered Nurse
Fabian Robinson, Habilitation Instructor Primary Driver
Lloyd Serbeh, Direct Support Professional
Sheila Thompson, DSP Counselor Med Enhanced Services
Daniel Williams, Direct Support Professional
Michael Zicca, Community Planner

5 Years

Josephine Addaquay, Community Habilitation Support Specialist
Lovenie Anderson, Direct Support Professional
Zemrie Bajramaj, Habilitation Instructor Primary Driver
Deana Beckford, Director of Residential Services
John Brandi, Treatment Coordinator/Sub Driver
Janice Brooks, Habilitation Instructor Primary Driver
Charneita Brown, Direct Support Professional
Daniel Butler, Job Placement Specialist Mentor
Kelly Campo, Substitute Classroom Aide
Nateisha Catnot, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Maria Ciraco, Substitute Classroom Aide
Alicia Cuccinello, Teacher Assistant
Michael Cunningham, Shift Supervisor
Richard Dawson, Medical Direct Support Professional
Curtis Dimmie, Direct Support Professional
Tanya Edwards, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Robbin English, Direct Support Professional
Nancy Fraher-Meisse, Project Search Coordinator
Janee Frankel, Direct Support Professional
Debbie Funnell, Per Diem Project Coordinator
Daniel Fuster, Person Centered Quality Facilitator
Kevin Gannon, Habilitation Instructor Substitute Driver
Jessica Gonzalez, Direct Support Professional
Natalee Grant, Shift Supervisor
Rachel Gutterman-Gerstman, Special Education Teacher
Laura Henry, Special Education Teacher
Erin Kelly, One to One Aide
Austin-Tyler Lantz, Recreation Assistant
Nicholas Lombardi, Senior Community Engagement and Communications Manager
Arlene Luces, Habilitation Instructor Substitute Driver
Debra Lyew, Direct Support Professional
Todd Merritt, Director of Behavioral Services
Kevin Minter, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Ian Mitchell, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Dolorence Mugodo, Habilitation Instructor Substitute Driver
Ricardo Phillips, Habilitation Instructor/Primary Driver
Chaquell Pickett, Direct Support Professional
Kamesha Pollard, Parent Traininc Coordinator
Mavis Sefa, Direct Support Professional
Joyce Smith, Direct Support Professional
Tu-Suan Sparkes, Community Habilitation Specialist Sub Driver
Hye Jin Suzuki, Program Administrative Services Specialist
Andrea Swan, Direct Support Professional
Oneil Thompson, Community Specialist
Karen Williams, Direct Support Professional
Walter Wittwer, Program Benefits and Compliance Specialist

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