Staff Recognition 2023

Jan 12 2024

Staff Recognition 2023

December marks the occasion when our Board of Directors and Administration joyfully acknowledges the years of devoted service by our staff during the Annual Staff Recognition Night. This year, we were delighted to gather in person at The Westchester Manor in Hastings-on-Hudson on December 15th.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the Board of Directors, Administration, and the appreciative families and people with developmental disabilities who benefit daily from our support, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated employees for their years of service and extend congratulations to those who have retired in 2023.  We take pride in commemorating the remarkable achievements of our staff, ranging from 5 to 45 years of service at The Arc Westchester. The Virginia Donovan Excellence in Service award was also presented to four outstanding members of our staff. Below is the list of the exceptional individuals being recognized this year, accompanied by highlights from this memorable evening.

Full List of our Recognized Staff:


Richard Blake, Habilitation Instructor
Susanne Calvello, Per Diem Registered Nurse
Rosemarie Crisafi, Assistant Executive Director
Frank Hughes, Assistant Building Superintendant
Dorrel Jack, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Vincent Loggia, Senior Direct Support Professional
Jacqueline Logozio, Substitute Classroom Aide
Lynn Minzloff, Program Coordinator
Laurel Ross, AED, Quality Outcomes & Compliance
Diana Webber, Direct Support Professional

45 Years

Regina Moore, Community Engagement and Communication Director

40 Years

Thelma E. Elliott, Shift Supervisor

35 Years

Maria Gil, Habilitation Instructor/Primary Driver
Soosan Bushehri Tehrani, Chief Financial Officer

30 Years

Katrina Carter, Assistant Residence Manager
Joyce Carver, Habilitation Instructor/Primary Driver
Sajeratana Chantarumporn, Direct Support Professional
Corey Evans, Direct Support Professional
Mary Gallant, Treatment Coordinator/Sub Driver
Karen Greene, Director of Quality Improvement
Fran Higgins, Foundation Deputy Executive Director
Charmin Patterson, Treatment Coordinator/Sub Driver
Yvonne Petty, Residence Manager
Clayton Pinnock, Residence Manager
Jill Potter, Senior Psychologist/Behavior Specialist
Avery Valins, Assistant Executive Director, Day Services
Nadine Wilson, Direct Support Professional Coordinator

25 Years

Paulette Carty, QIDP Residential Program Coordinator
Tamikia Hawkins, Habilitation Instructor/Primary Driver
Clifford Hibbert, Shift Supervisor
Charmaine Lodge, Direct Support Professional
Matilde Reymondez, Teacher Assistant

20 Years

Lori Delgado, Community Day Service Director
Kathleen Higgins, Clinical Coordinator
Pamela Jarrett, Direct Support Professional
Normalin Johnson, Shift Supervisor
Ruth Naraine-Jack, Direct Support Professional
Justine Pagano, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Patrick Palmer, Assistant Residence Manager
Lisa Pollard, Community Planner
Michelle Proctor, Assistant Residence Manager
Alan Pugielli, Habilitation Instructor/Primary Driver
Frank Rullo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
John Serbeh, Assistant Residence Manager
Maria Varga, Career Supports Coordinator

15 Years

Judit Acevedo, Human Resources Generalist
Jermel Buckins, Direct Support Professional
Rebecca Coder, Sr. Speech Pathologist/Related Services Coord.
Joan George-Lewin, Assistant Residence Manager
Alhaji Jalloh, Direct Support Professional
Conroy Leslie, Community Choices Instructor Mentor
Alan Marji, Accounts Payable Supervisor
Cecilia Nicholas, Direct Support Professional
Edith Oteng, Community Choices Instructor
Adrienne Roberts, Community Hab. Specialist/Sub Driver
Simone Sherman, Treatment Coordinator/Sub Driver
Lilia Xavier, Direct Support Professional

10 Years

Larry Awagah, Community Choices Instructor
Janet Grant, Direct Support Professional
Dahlia Henry, Direct Support Professional
Salomie Kelly, Direct Support Professional
Morvette Kentish-Spencer, Shift Supervisor
Andras Michael Kormendy, Direct Support Professional
Marcella Mason, Per Diem Recreation Counselor
Eva Mason-Cooke, Assistant Residence Manager
Jahanzeb Naqvi, Shift Supervisor
Marva Robinson, Direct Support Professional
Lisa Ryan, Teacher Assistant

5 Years

Alexander Alston, Habilitation Instructor/Substitute Driver
Shanekqua Barnes, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Rachel Boateng, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Jennifer Caffrey, Substitute Special Education Teacher
Nordia Campbell, Direct Support Professional
Sophia Campbell-Palmer, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Keara Connelly, QIDP Residential Program Coordinator
Jennifer D’Angelo, Special Education Itinerant Teacher
Aliyah Dawson, Community Choices Instructor
Elinor Eckerle, Per Diem Cmty Habilitation Support Specialist
Sherryl Farrell, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Michael Ferrara, Teacher Assistant
Melanie Fields, Clinical Team Leader
Quarhania Friend, Treatment Coordinator/Sub Driver
Gerard Garvin, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Lorraine Gordon, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Dayna Grave, Teacher Assistant
Nova Harris-Piggott, Habilitation Instructor/Substitute Driver
Michelle Jones, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Lorna Kirwan, Direct Support Professional
Teresa Lombardi, Per Diem Community Hab. Support Specialist
Marciene Nembhard, Direct Support Professional
Daniella Palumbo, Special Education Teacher
Michael Pingryn, Director of Recreation and Respite
Carol Ann Purdy, Substitute Classroom Aide
Joan Samuels, Direct Support Professional
Isaiah Scott, Summer Enrichment Counselor
Fatmata Sesay, Per Diem Direct Support Professional
Janice Shaw, Certified Dietician/Nutritionist
Aliyah Singleton, Direct Support Professional
Ted Spooner, Senior Community Specialist
LaTasha Thomas, Direct Support Professional

The Virginia Donovan Excellence in Service Award

Promoting Connections to the Community
Vashti Amos, Decatur IRA

Rising Star
Peter Gianatiempo, Recreation

Promoting Independence
Kathleen Johnston, Project SEARCH

IRAPromoting Independence
Daniel Spieldenner, Cross River

In 2017, the late Virginia Donovan established the Virginia Donovan Charitable Fund in recognition and thanks to all those
who supported her daughter at The Arc Westchester.

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