CSED School Reopening Plan

Jul 30 2020

CSED School Reopening Plan

The Arc Westchester Children’s School for Early Development has developed a reopening plan to conform to the guidance provided by the New York State Education Department for the 2020-2021 school year.  Our program will be as flexible and as responsive as possible to meet the needs of our students, families and staff members.  We will closely monitor the conditions of our community as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the effectiveness and appropriateness of our plan.  Our commitment to our students and our determination to provide the highest possible quality of educational programming and related services remains constant even during these difficult times.


Page 4  Introduction
Page 5  Communication/Family and Community Engagement
Page 6  Health and safety

  • Health Checks
  • Health Hygiene
  • Social Distancing
  • Face Coverings and PPE
  • Management of Sick Children and Staff
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

Page 12  Facilities

  • Utilization of Space
  • Safety Drills

Page 13  Child Nutrition
Page 13  Transportation
Page 15  Social Emotional Well-Being
Page 17  School Schedules

  • In-person Instruction
  • Distance Learning
  • Hybrid Model

Page 19  Budget and Fiscal Matters
Page 19  Attendance
Page 19  Technology and Connectivity
Page 20  Teaching and Learning
Page 22  Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Page 22  Athletics and Extracurricular Activities
Page 23  Special Education
Page 23  Bilingual Education and World Languages
Page 24  Staffing
Page 24  Teacher and Principal Evaluation System
Page 24  Student Teaching

For questions regarding this plan, please contact asabrsula@arcwestchester.org

Update 6-15-20: The Children’s School for Early Development will remain remote/virtual for summer program, while continuing to lay the groundwork for reopening our program in the fall.  The magnitude and scope of the changes required in every aspect of our operations render this task challenging to achieve even within the context of a fall reopening.  In the absence of direct guidance from the New York State Education Department around the operation of our educational programming, we are constrained to make reopening decisions based upon our preparedness and ability to provide face to face instruction safely.   At this time, we lack the staff, equipment, supplies, transportation and physical space to be able provide face to face services during the summer.

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