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Paulette Lattibeaudiere is the heart and soul of Mamaroneck Manor, a place of happiness and family for the six women under her care. Her dedication extends far beyond her role as Assistant Manager. She embodies the spirit of community, offering shared experiences and opportunities for each resident.

Her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm whenever she talks about her vision for the home—a vision that is about cultivating an environment where each woman can blossom, learn, thrive and be happy!

The vegetable garden became a symbol of her vision—a testament to Paulette’s unwavering commitment to their health and well-being. What started as an empty spot in the backyard transformed into a vibrant garden with vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Further more, it’s become a classroom without walls—a place where the women learned the art of nurturing, patience, and teamwork.

Paulette’s passion for healthy living ignited excitement within the household. She shared her desire for nutritious meal plans with the resident’s families. Thanks to the generosity of The Ferguson Family, the house was able to develop a working garden with netting and stakes along with all the fruits, flowers and vegetables for the entire summer. Together, they turned soil and sowed seeds, their laughter and shared experiences nurturing not just the plants but their bonds with each other.

The joy captured in the photos are an example of the spirit of togetherness that Paulette cultivates within Mamaroneck Manor. Each snapshot represents shared moments of growth, both in the garden and in their relationships. From planting to harvesting, every step was a celebration of resilience and unity.

Paulette is not just a manager but a mentor—a guiding light who teaches the beauty of cooperation and the satisfaction of nurturing life. She is just one of over 500 other direct support staff who live our mission and vision every day and need your support.

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