Residential Services

Our residential services range from more highly staffed homes that are supervised 24 hours per day, to supportive living situations, where staff may provide support and guidance 15 to 20 hours per week.

Staffing is based upon the needs of people in a particular home. A number of our homes have full handicapped accessibility.

All homes have an assigned residential supervisor, who supervises the staff and a Clinical Team Leader who oversees the delivery of residential services. Our quality improvement department conducts visits in order to monitor the program.

Our residences are located throughout Westchester County in attractive and safe neighborhoods. Each residence reflects the preferences of the people supported. Communication with people and their families is a prime value. Involvement of relatives and friends is always encouraged.

We strive to put the needs and choices of each person first, making sure that family members and friends remain involved, advocating, planning, and supporting aspirations. We support people with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings as they participate in their communities with the assistance of trained direct support professional staff.Our residential programs provide support for what really matters to the person.

Once a person and their family have selected The Arc Westchester as their residential service provider, a planning team of professional staff works closely with them to build services around and for that individual which takes into account the person’s choices and interests regarding home life, neighborhood, leisure time, work, and community life.

We have over forty-five residences throughout Westchester County. For further information, please visit our contact page.

Residential Options

Art by: John Israel
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