Technology Blog #12 – ASDetect

Dec 29 2017
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Technology Blog #12 – ASDetect


  • Developer: La Trobe University
  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Personally Tested: Yes

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I am 31 years old and I was not diagnosed with Asperger’s until I was 29.

To me, there’s something wrong with that. But, don’t forget that in 1986, the concept of Asperger’s was new and little was known about it. For the most part, the only thing that people knew about Asperger’s was that it had a funny sounding name.

I was given medication for depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleeplessness, PTSD… all of that stuff. People were under the assumption that I had a multitude of various disorders, when in reality, all of these disorders were under the umbrella of one disorder. And as mentioned, that one disorder is Asperger’s. And once we found out what needed to be done to make life adjustments, we started doing it.

When thinking about this, I am truly amazed. Times have changed since 1986. It is now 2017 and changes in Medicine, Education, Technology, and Psychology have exceeded light years since the 80s. It wasn’t until the past 20 or so years when it was thought that all children with autism had to wear helmets and be institutionalized. Now, almost everybody, (hopefully everybody,) knows what autism and Asperger’s are. Autism is a wide spectrum that varies. Hence why it’s called Autism Spectrum Disorder. It can vary from individuals who are non-communicative, to individuals such as myself, who has a master’s degree and a respectable academic background.

I am honored to work with Arc of Westchester, I truly am. I feel this way because they are giving me the opportunity to talk to you and inform you about what is available out there. Some of the parents reading this article are probably around my age. You’re the lucky ones. Because the generation before us, don’t know about this whole “blogging thing”, and that’s why I’m here.

You are all searching for help. That’s why Arc of Westchester is here, to help. There are parents out there who had the same issue that my parents had about me, that something “just wasn’t right.” The app I am about to describe to can probably save you much hassle with teachers, doctors, and psychiatrists.

It is now 12:41 AM on a Thursday. I’m not working tomorrow, but for some reason I decided to look at podcasts about “living with autism”. I have a slight problem with worrying about whether I’m doing something wrong or made a mistake here or there. So I typed “living with autism.”  I found a podcast titled “detecting autism, there’s an app for that.” And this may sound sarcastic, but after listening to the podcast and trying the app out for myself, tears went down my eyes. I thought about all the suffering my family went through and the endless trips to doctors. I DO NOT want to see a family have to go through this. This app will change lives.

Many apps out there do what this does. But this is different. It’s not a questionnaire. There are video examples presented to the user for them to compare the behavior of a child with autism (up to 30 months) to that of a child who is not on the spectrum. It will than ask a question as to whether or not your child displays similar behavior. The app will take a look at the answers and tell you whether you should request a professional assessment or not. There are no ads and no specific doctors are recommended. This is 100% free. All information is private.

This app was created by scientists, professors, and psychologists in an attempt to reduce the issues that occur with untreated individuals. Where they eventually (due to age) will be labeled as MR (I HATE THAT TERM) Or ID.  I HIGHLY URGE YOU to take a look at this app. It will do much for our future.

Thank you

Daniel Fuster, MPA, Person Centered Quality Facilitator
Arc of Westchester


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