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Meet Matthew

Matthew is a program participant in one of The Arc Westchester’s Day Service Programs. He only communicates through sign language and facial expressions, and with the help of his direct support staff like Giuseppe shown in the photo, he’s been making incredible strides in learning and expressing himself.

His iPad has become a vital resource, helping him share his thoughts and desires. Now, Matthew can independently choose what he wants to order at a restaurant or share exciting stories about his day at the program. It’s amazing to see the excitement on his face as he interacts with friends, using his device to comment on things happening around him.

One day, something incredible happened. Joanne, a registered nurse at The Arc Westchester, was passing by the medication storage room when she heard a voice call out ‘JOANNE.’ Surprised, she paused, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. To her amazement, it was Matthew’s iPad! He had found a way to say her name, a heartwarming moment that filled Joanne with joy.

The direct support staff at The Arc Westchester have been Matthew’s guiding light on his journey toward independence. They’ve encouraged him to embrace technology, making sure he feels confident using his iPad to communicate. This dedication to helping Matthew find his voice reflects our commitment to fostering independence and community involvement through all of our comprehensive services.

At The Arc Westchester, we believe in a person-centered approach, tailoring services to each person’s needs and preferences. We offer a wide range of programs for people aged 18 and up, creating opportunities for everyone to contribute, participate, and feel valued within the community. From volunteering to engaging in community activities or learning about health and wellness, the focus is always on making these experiences fun and engaging for all participants.→

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